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Here we create understandable and digestible videos about things that aren’t so easily understood. From Blockchain to Cross-chain, from crypto to real world ideas we hope you’ll learn something new from our videos.

some of our Best Work!

Our animated blockchain video production company empowers you to connect with your audience in a whole new way!

Explainer & Tech Dive Videos

Welcome to our magical world of animation, storytelling and technical demonstrations. Our innovative process takes your idea and turns it into an engaging story, while keeping the concept intact. We design engaging narratives that are moving, motivating and memorable just like movies. So let us take your ideas and turn it into a work of art.

Why work with Graphixy?

At Graphixy, we leverage the best practices and techniques that enable us to create a unique and highly effective animated videos. We have a state-of-art infrastructure and tools that further add to the quality of our output. In addition to our experience and expertise, there are several aspects that stand Graphixy out in the crowd when it comes to making blockchain animation videos that work.

We deliver a unique experience that translates into business benefits for our clients and leaves them satisfied. Our track record vouches for this approach, commitment, and consistency. We have a large team of specialists who have extensive experience in creating blockchain and cryptocurrency videos for clients.

Transparent pricing

  • Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to plan your marketing budget accordingly.


  • Our team loves coming up with innovative ideas for our clients’ projects. But we’re committed to your satisfaction and results. You’ll see that we always put your needs first by listening and understanding your idea, while offering creative solutions tailored to what you’re going for.

Quick turnaround time

  • We know how important it is to finish projects quickly; we work hard to ensure that every project starts and ends on the desired timeline. From understanding your requirements to the type of blockchain animation video you want, our workflow will summarize everything in order to confer clear guidance and feedback during the creation process.

Several revisions

  • Sometimes you may want changes made to your video, like adding a different intro or removing the background music. That’s where our revisions come in handy; they’ll help make the final video look just how you want it.

Our Process!


We want to get to know you better, so we start off with a simple form about your ideas, goals and expectation.

Select your video package

Your project will make its way through our approval process, and we’ll get in contact with you at a suitable time.

Execute the plan, together

We’ve gathered all the paperwork and contracts related to your project so that it’s ready to go quickly. 

Send your message through the Internet like never before.

Check out this video with the sound on.

The World Of Blockchain!

We have a vision to provide you with unique perspectives on blockchain and crypto. These are some of the topics we’re going to focus on, so stay tuned!


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