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We help you visualize your story with animations and storytelling.

Create Animated Stories That Engage Your Audience

We design high-quality animations, record voice-overs, produce music, build characters and fuse it together to make the ultimate video.

All ideas and projects will have a use for animation, but it’s often not as effective as a medium for storytelling. We are looking to change that. With our talented crew and content creators to bring your projects and ideas to life. 

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Set foot on Mars4 and earn with in Meta-Mars!

We created a promo video for Mars4 that showcases the endless possibilities of the Metaverse. If you’re interested in creating a similar video for your business, we’ve got you covered!

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Our Services

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos range from around 1-3 minutes. They’re designed to directly engage an audience in a compelling manner. Explainers will keep your audience glued to the screen until the end of your video.

Tech Dive Videos

Tech deep dives are the best way to learn about the technical aspect of the entire project. We provide deep-dive videos, content and tutorials for developers, investors, and enthusiasts.

Portal Raiders Mobile Game

Promo Videos

Promo Videos are used to help build awareness and gain followers. These videos can be used in commercials, conventions and as trailers to reel viewers in.

social media management

We create premium video adverts for your YouTube channel and managed social media content. 


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Animated Videos

Animated explainer, technical and promo videos for all types of businesses. Innovative methods to turn your ideas into a visual narrative that engages listeners who easily remember the message.

Production House Services

High-quality creatives and assets such as 3D models, static ads in one of many formats and UX / UI designs tailored to your specific needs.

Outsource your creative needs

We also specialize in digital marketing, which is a new field with lots of room for growth. We provide services such as web design, 3D rendering and social media content so you can find the solution that suits you best.




Check out our Blockchain Page

Sometimes Blockchain can be hard to explain. That’s where Graphixy comes in. 

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